Scholarship and Awards Programs

The National PHA sponsors a scholarship program that is open to professional members who are in good standing for two years or more and children of professional members in good standing for two years or more who are enrolling in an approved school for the advancement of their education past the elementary level. The scholarship committee will determine the amount and the number of scholarships given.

is also presented at the FWPHA Awards Dinner. Contestants in three age groups, 12 and under, 13-17, and 18 and over are asked to write an essay on a topic that has been chosen for that year. The committee then reads the essays and chooses a winner from each age group. The winners each receive a $500 certificate to be used for lessons with any member in good standing of the FWPHA (check to be sent directly to trainer), a junior membership for one year, and all entry fees on one horse ridden by the winner at either of the two PHA horse shows. Application: Download

is also given each year at the FWPHA Awards Dinner. A committee meets and chooses a professional member who has demonstrated to be an outstanding sportsman and an asset to the horse world.

consists of
hunter, jumper and equitation divisions and multiple medal classes in which riders of all ages and skill levels, who have signed up for the program, compete over the course of a year to accumulate points. At the year's end, the top ten riders in each division receive ribbons and each division winner is presented a trophy at the Awards Dinner. A Trainer's Award is also presented to the trainer of each division champion.


This Scholarship will be awarded to an active member of the Junior PHA. He or she must be one who has shown interest and good sportsmanship in any aspect of the horse industry, and has the ability to benefit from Professional training.

The Award is to be used by said Junior for riding lessons with a Professional Horseman of his choice, providing the Professional is a member in good standing of the PHA.

The process to be used by each Junior Chapter to qualify for this Award is as follows:

1. Juniors may nominate any Junior member they feel worthy.

2. Juniors to hand into the Junior Advisor or President a brief resume of the person they are nominating.

3. Nominations will be considered by a committee consisting of the four Junior Officers, two Professionals and two Associates (to include the President and the Junior Advisor); the other two left to the discretion of the President.

4. Each Chapter may nominate one Junior for every twenty-five members or fraction thereof to the National for consideration.

5. The nominations to be sent by November 1st to the National Junior chairman for consideration.

6. Each chapter is encouraged to give a small scholarship to its local nominee if he or she is not the National Winner.

At the National Level
The National judging committee is to include the President, Eastern and Western Vice-Presidents, and the Junior Chairman.

For more information call or write Christina Schauder, National Junior Chairman, (203)219-9277  or  email:

This cup will be awarded each year to a Junior in his last year as a Junior, i.e., one who is 17 on the first of January of the year nominated. The Awardee would be the one who most personifies the term "Professional Junior." He must be active as a member of the local Chapter and has demonstrated his ability and desire to continue in the horse business (hunting, racing, stable management, breeding or showing).

The nominations are to be made by the Professional members of each Chapter. A brief resume of each applicant to be sent to the National Committee for final judging. Nominations to be accepted until November 1st. The National Committee to be made up of the President, Eastern and Western Vice-President, and the Junior Chairman.

As these Awards mature, it is hoped that they may be given out at one of the major fall shows.

For more information, call or write M.J. Mitchell, National Junior Chairman, 914-769-6240.

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